Thank you

Thank you to those of you who have followed my work with Glinda's wand and supported my museum exhibit dreams through the GoFundMe that helped raise money to deliver the wand to the first museum.  It had been my hope to carry on the museum tour for a number of years, but financial constraints would not allow this to be possible, and the interest in crowdfunding support was limited.  I learned early on that owning a piece of history comes with a huge price - not only the purchase price, but the price of appraisals, insurance, security, preservation, and transportation to and from museums.  Unfortunately, I've had a lot of bad luck with my housing situation, and those costs added up to the point where I needed to choose between wand ownership or home ownership. 

I was offered $750,000 for the wand by a prop collector in 2018, but his plan was to keep the wand in his home, so I declined the offer.  At the end of 2018 I was approached by an auction company that was interested in selling the wand after the first exhibit was over, and after several months of contemplation, I agreed to consign it.  They indicated that bigger ticket items like the wand were often bought by people who donate them to or exhibit them in museums, which appealed to me.  They offered some special terms in my contract, and arranged for the pickup and transportation of the wand to the sale.  They also made the wand the cover photo of the auction catalog.  Bonhams successfully auctioned the wand, lot #1089 in their TCM Presents: 1939 Hollywood's Greatest Year auction.  Bidding closed with a total purchase price of $400,075. 


It is my hope that the new owner carries on with my plans to exhibit the piece to the public.  If you see this, whoever you are, please consider keeping the wand in the public eye.  It is one of only two items of Glinda's to publicly surface since 1939, and it is important to many people. 


As for me, I am eternally grateful for the time I had with Glinda's wand.  It opened many doors for me and introduced me to many great people.  My work with "Oz" is far from done, as I will still be crafting my museum quality replicas of the ruby slippers, as well as shifting my focus back to finding the missing 5th pair of slippers from the film.  With a little more funding at my disposal now, it may be something I am finally able to accomplish after 7 years of research into the pair.

Randy Struthers
December 13, 2019

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